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Quick And Simple Facts About Futures Trading

Quick And Simple Facts About Futures Trading

The first thing that you have to know about futures trading is that this is different from the trading that happens on the stock market. It is sort of speculating the future prices of the commodities that you will be trading.

The known locations where this kind of trading happens include the following.

1. New York Mercantile
2. Chicago Board of Trade
3. New York Cotton Exchange
4. Chicago Mercantile Exchange

As for the futures markets, here are some of the most popular that are being traded these days.

1. Currency trading.

This is widely known as the FOREX that stands for the foreign exchange. This involves the process of buying and selling whatever currency the trader chooses to bet on. The trader will study the movement of the economy of the countries where the currencies come from. This way, they will be able to strategize whether they are gambling on a good investment or if it will be better to wait for some time before trading in. Some of the well-known currencies that are being traded on for this purpose include the British Pound, Japanese Yen and the US Dollar.

2. Agriculture.

This actually has a broad scope. This will all depend on the crops that the farmers grow and the people who are interested with such. For example in the case of wheat, a farmer will sell the futures of his crop if he thinks that its price will go down before he could even harvest it. But if a bread manufacturer thinks that the prices of wheat will rise before its harvest, he will decide in buying its futures.

And that is only an example. There are many crops and produce that this department can produce. Aside from wheat, the popular ones that are being traded in the markets include corn futures and soybean.

3. Energy Futures.

Just by hearing what this is called, you will know that this kind deals with the likes of gas and the oil futures. The market for this one has got to do with anything that fuels and lights up people’s lives.

4. Interest Rate.

This center of this type revolves not only with interest rates but also with bonds and other kinds of financial transactions.

5. Foods.

Were you surprised to hear that this can also be traded? The well-known in this arena are those commodities that have value and are popular to many such as sugar, coffee as well as orange juice.

6. Metals.

This is actually known and is becoming more and more popular through the years. The most common materials being traded for this sector include the kinds of metals like silver and gold.

Now that you have gained such insight, the next thing that you have to do is to continue researching about the kind of trade that you want to venture into. You must never tire out from educating yourself in this regard. This will be your ally as you go on in the process. You must never enter into any transactions without fully understanding the risks that you will be up to and how are you going to earn in the process.

Futures trading can be beneficial once you know how to move to the groove. It may be a rocky start. But once you find your strengths and your movement, you can then proceed with the more complex part of the matter. As you go along, continue learning through your own as well as other people’s experiences. This can result to success and improvement with regards to strategizing.

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Basic Ideas About Futures Trading

Basic Ideas About Futures Trading

What do you know about futures trading? These days when economy is tough and life seems to be testing you how are you going to survive such, there are people who are lucky enough to know how to outlast such crisis. If you haven’t been into any kinds of trades your whole life, it is never too late to start learning.

The futures are known to be one, if not the most popular day trading markets these days. These are available with a wide range of fundamental elements that are effective with regards to the price movement and in terms of liquidity. There are also some futures markets that can be traded throughout the day.

What Do the Futures Hold?

Do not confuse this kind of trading with the likes of stock trading wherein you invest on the stock market. With futures, you don’t actually own anything. The idea here is that you speculate what the future may hold with regards to the prices of commodities that you will be trading. In other words, you speculate about what the prices of such goods will be in the future. To start with the process, you must invest a sufficient capital that you will deposit on a brokerage firm. This way, the latter will be assured that you are capable of paying for your losses in the event that your trade loses money.

A good example of this venture is a farmer who opted to sell the futures for his crop, for example, wheat. He will do so if he thinks that its price will drop before harvest time. In this regard, someone who is also interested in wheat, like a bread manufacturer, will decide on buying the futures if he thinks that the wheat’s price is going to elevate before its harvest. Whatever happens to the price of such commodity, the farmer and the bread manufacturer are both assured of a guaranteed price.

Now someone will invest in the trade. This person is interested about the changes that might happen as time passes. And he wants to benefit through the process of buying and selling for a profit. In this regard, you can conclude that this kind of trade can be likened to an insurance plan dedicated to people who are involved with trading as well as investing.

There is Money in the Trades

Just like in any kind of gamble, if you are going to be involved in trading and investing in the futures, you need to strategize. You have to study your moves and make sure that you calculate each step that you take as you go along in the venture. You cannot simply rely on good luck when there is already money involved. You have to keep up with whatever is happening in the trade that you are in. This way, you will be able to plan how are you going to move and what else can you do in order to gain and avoid losing in the process.

There are famous commodities trader who can testify that the statement is true. But it will definitely not going to happen overnight. The first thing that you have to accept is the potential of futures trading. After such, you can move on with your schemes and with further analyzing the situation that you have gotten yourself and your money into.

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Hardware And Software For Day Trading Emini Futures

Hardware And Software For Day Trading Emini Futures

What do you need to day trade Emini : Hardware

Having a stable computer system is crucial to your trading success. Imagine what would happen if your computer hangs in the middle of a trade. What happens if you suddenly get disconnected from the internet? Accidents do occur and these scenarios are very possible, I have encountered an internet disconnection while trading. Such scenarios are potentially lethal to your trading especially when the market can move against you in a couple of minutes in the case of day trading.

Besides making sure that our equipment is up-to-date and reliable, care must also be given to the planning of a backup system. For example, I have 2 internet connections just in case one fails and I always have my laptop on standby should my PC hang in the middle of a trade. This section covers the necessary precautions and minimum set up you need to start trading. It is important to remind ourselves that making money through trading is our ultimate aim. It is easy to fall into the trap of delaying setting up your trading system because you want to fine tune your computer system. Have the basic reliable set up and get ready to go!

Although there are no hard and fast rules to your hardware configuration, I recommend the following minimum configuration.

CPU : at least 1GHz

Memory RAM : at least 512MB ( charting software is memory intensive)
Monitors: at least two 17 inch XVGA monitors (resolution of 1280 X 1024)
Graphics Card: Any graphics card capable to support 2 monitors, usually one monitor will be connected via analog cable and the other monitor connected via digital cable. Hence it is important that one of your monitors support digital output.
Internet Connection Cable or ADSL, try not to connect trough wireless since wireless connections are prone to instability.

A minimum of 2 high quality monitors is needed in order to display all the charts and order management screens. If you only have one screen, you might ALT-TAB in windows to switch between the different applications, however, there is not really much reaction time when the market is moving and I strongly recommend have at least 2 monitors to display all the necessary charts and applications.

What do you need to day trade Emini : Software

After the hardware set up all that remains is installing the appropriate softwares and you are ready to go. Although it is not a must, it is advisable to invest in antivirus softwares and firewall softwares such as Norton or Mcafee. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your system is infected or not.

Real time Data Provider

Day trading imposes stringent conditions on data providing services. Although there are a lot of free delayed quotes on the internet, a real time data provider is necessary. Usually the data will come together with software to display the data as candle sticks in real time. Some brokers provide real time data but lack the necessary software to display the data in a meaningful format.

Qcharts off good real time stock data with a state of the art charting software that you can run from your computer.

Novice traders should strart from the Qcharts subscription which costs /month. Besides this, you will also be required to subscribe to data from real time exchanges, for example, if you chose AMEX (/mth), NYSE (/mth),NASDAQ (/mth) and CME EMINI (/mth). This will constitute a total cost of 6/mth to Qcharts.

Interactive Brokers

There are many brokers out there in the market. Interactive Brokers which offers one of the cheapest commissions from trading Emini. ( .40 per trade) also offers good support and I have never failed to get a response from their help desk.

You will also be required to choose which market data to subscribe. For trading Emini, subscribe to “ US Securities and Commodities Bundle Non-professional – Level I ” which is free. However a charge of will be imposed if the monthly commissions is below .

00 is the minimum required to open an account. However, a starting minimum of 00 would be desirable, since IB restricts you from trading once your equity falls below 00. IB provides several trading platforms including web based and downloadable software versions. The software version is more stable. One caveat here is that you need to install a Java plugin before you can run the software.

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Trading Options And Futures – Comparing The Two Types Of Contracts

Trading Options And Futures – Comparing The Two Types Of Contracts

In trading, it is quite common for the terms options and futures to be used interchangeably. Although these two contracts have a lot of similarities when it comes to principles, they are actually two very different things and therefore interchanging them when conducting trades in the market can be a very lethal mistake for anyone.

Let us learn the differences between these two contracts in order to prevent making the wrong decisions in buying and selling rights for stocks or commodities. Through this, we may just be able to prevent risks and maximize chances for profit.

What Is An Options Contract?

An option is basically the right to buy or sell a specific amount of stock, currency, or whatever commodity offered in the market. This contract basically allows an individual to enjoy, but to necessarily become obligated, to exercise these rights. This contract can only be valid for a specific period of time, and commodities traded can only be bought and sold at a certain fixed price.

What Is A Futures Contract?

On the other hand, a future is a transferable contract that requires the delivery of a certain stock, currency or whatever commodity traded. Like an option, the delivery of the trade is done through a fixed price stated in the contract and within a time frame, so one should not go beyond the expiry date.

However, it is very important to take note that a holder is obligated to exercise the conditions of the contract unlike in options where the holder can have the liberty of deciding.

The Differences Between Options And Futures

Aside from the fundamental difference between the two contracts on rights and obligations, there are also other differences that include commissions, the size of underlying stocks or commodities traded and how gains are realized.

In a futures contract, an investor has the liberty to sign into the contract without paying upfront. However, an investor cannot take hold of an options position without paying a premium to the contract holder. The option premium therefore serves as payment for the privilege to not become obligated to purchase the underlying commodities in cases wherein there are unfavorable shifts in prices.

Another major difference between options and futures is also the size of the underlying positions that can be traded. Usually, futures contracts would include much larger sizes for the underlying positions as compared to that included in options contracts. Because of this, the obligations included in futures make it riskier for a contract holder to trade due to the possibility of losing so much.

Lastly, the two contracts differ with how gains are received by parties involved. For options contracts, gains can be attained in three methods. Either the holder exercises the option, purchases an opposite option, or waits until the expiration date arrives to be able to collect the difference between the price for asset and the strike price, so he or she could get profits. However, profits for futures contracts can only be realized by either taking an opposition position or through the instant change in the value of positions at the end of each trading day.

Knowing about the differences between an options contract and a futures contract can help broaden your knowledge in stock trading, and this can surely prevent you from making the wrong decisions if ever you decide in joining this particular arena.

Remember to never trade without doing your research and fully understanding what contracts you are dealing with. If you just take the extra step to acquaint yourself, then you just might be able to spare losing so much money.

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Commodity Futures Trading – Why It’s Not For Average Investors

Commodity Futures Trading – Why It’s Not For Average Investors

If you don’t mind losing ,000 inside 10 minutes, you might enjoy trading commodity futures contracts. There’s an aged saying amidst commodity traders: “It’s effortless to create a little fortune inside commodities. Simply commence with a big fortune!” This really is not a company for individuals that are emotionally connected to their cash, yet thousands of average “investors” receive lured into the commodity markets year following year. Why? Because of the possibility of generating excellent percentage gains utilizing the built-in leverage which is accessible to commodity futures traders.

The commodity markets include wheat, corn, soybeans, pork-bellies, gold, silver, heating oil, lumber, plus many different usual trade goods. The big businesses which work inside these markets employ commodity “futures” contracts to lock inside their marketing costs for the product ahead of time of delivery. This practice is known as “hedging.” On the different side of which transaction is the trader, whom speculates about whether the priced of the commodity may increase or down before the contract is due for delivery. Because futures contracts can be bought utilizing leverage, these financial instruments lend themselves to speculation.

For instance, control of the corn contract value ,000 can just requrie 0 of actual cash, or 10% of the face value of the contract. If the corn rises inside value, as well as the contract becomes value, state, ,500, the speculator has produced 0 about their authentic 0, for a 100% return. Compare this with all the usual stock marketplace, that limits leverage to 50%, thus which ,000 value of stock needs the minimal of ,500 of capital. If the stock rises to ,500 inside value, the 0 gain is against ,500 invested, for a return of “only” 20%. The 100% return certain looks a lot greater, appropriate?

You can see why investors looking for fast gains are hypnotized by the lure of big income utilizing maximum leverage inside commodity futures trading. The real problem, but, is the fact that the leverage functions inside BOTH DIRECTIONS. You are able to lose a whole investment inside a matter of minutes due to the wild cost gyrations which occasionally happen inside these volatile markets. Let’s state the ,000 contract drops to ,000 inside value rather of improving. You’ve not merely lost the authentic 0 we place into the contract, however an more 0. You are able to go broke rapidly this method.

So why do persons play this game? Average investors never awaken each morning plus state to themselves, “Right, I think I’ll begin trading commodities.” What happens is, they get the sales pitch from a commodity trading “guru” declaring to have a “system” for generating sure-fire income inside these wild markets. These “systems” range inside cost from all technique as much as ,000 or even more, plus are available based found on the promise of “big profits” from a little beginning investment.

Newsletter writers or commodity gurus frequently pitch the myth regarding turning ,000 into a million bucks inside lower than a year. The typical commodity program pitch comes inside a lengthy sales letter or booklet which describes a way for winning about “9 from 10″ trades or synonymous inflated claims.

Naturally, when it was potential to correctly trade 90% of the time, a individual may conveniently amass millions of $ inside a pretty brief time period. So why are these men thus eager for we to invest 5 about their super-duper trading course? Because they possibly aren’t generating any real funds with their own trading system! There’s much safer income to be produced marketing others found on the idea of getting into commodity futures trading.

There is not a sure-fire method to consistently create revenue inside these markets, because the underlying commodity costs could swing wildly back plus forth depending about a complex set of factors, numerous of that are totally unpredictable. That’s why truly the only folks consistently generating revenue inside the commodity markets are the brokers, that gather a commission for executing the trade whether it wins or loses.

There are furthermore a few of lucrative expert traders whom create a living inside these markets. However the massive most of individuals that dabble inside commodity futures lose funds. Unfortunately, with all the lure of big returns plus convenient revenue, a fresh crop of innocent traders enters the marketplace every year, just to be swiftly fleeced from their revenue.

Don’t be 1 of them! Leave commodity futures trading to the experts plus stick to the more boring types of investment, including mutual fund investing or stocks plus bonds.

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Sunrise Study Affirms Diversification Advantages of Managed Futures Strategies

San Diego, California (PRWEB) September 25, 2012

Sunrise Capital Partners introduced a research now updating, affirming, plus growing the seminal educational function which initially diagnosed plus quantified the immense diversification advantages managed futures tips bring to portfolios of hedge funds plus conventional financial assets.

In the paper: Revisiting Kats Managed Futures plus Hedge Funds: A Match Made inside Heaven, Thomas Rollinger, Sunrises Director of New Tips Development, confirms which adding managed futures tips to portfolios reduces tail risk plus volatility. The analysis extends the time period to include the 7 years initially considered by Dr. Harry M. Kat, June 1994 by May 2001, and 3.5 years before Kats research, plus all next months by December 2011.

We discover that Dr. Kats observations continue to hold true, concludes Rollinger. During the next 10.5 years, a very volatile period which included separate marketplace drawdowns of 36% plus 56%, managed futures have continued to supply more powerful plus more useful diversification for portfolios of stocks plus bonds than have hedge funds.

Managed futures tips are professionally managed investment portfolios which can contain commodities, equity index, fixed money, plus currency futures, moreover choices, forwards, plus swap contracts. These are typically synonymous to hedge funds because they will hold lengthy or brief positions inside an investment plus is chosen to execute complex tips crafted for total return, hedging, risk administration, or different goals.

In his groundbreaking research, distributed because a functioning paper inside 2002 plus published inside the Journal of Investment Management inside 2004, Kat found which managed futures provided a noticeable diversification benefit to conventional portfolios of stocks plus bonds and also to portfolios of conventional financial investments further diversified by the inclusion of hedge funds.

We discover that allocating to managed futures enables investors to achieve a surprisingly significant degree of total risk reduction at limited fees, Kat wrote. Apart off their lower expected return, managed futures appear to be more powerful diversifiers than hedge funds. Adding managed futures to a portfolio of stocks plus bonds may decrease which portfolios standard deviation more plus faster than hedge funds usually, plus without the undesirable negative effects of skew plus kurtosis. Overall portfolio standard deviation is reduced further by combining both hedge funds plus managed futures with stocks plus bonds.

Skew plus kurtosis are significant nevertheless usually forgotten measures of portfolio risk. Many investors plus their advisers focus only about mean returns as well as the variability of returns inside evaluating an investment. This is brief sighted the research results recommend.

As Marc Odo notes inside his functioning paper, Skewness plus Kurtosis, inside a theoretical planet, where investment returns are assumed to be usually distributed, concentrating just found on the relationship of returns to volatility could serve, explains Rollinger. But, you recognize which marketplace returns plus more importantly inside this case, alternative investment returns, are seldom usually distributed. Standard measures of risk didn’t appear to make investors for the extreme nature of the 2 bear markets of the initially decade of the 2000s.

The value of Kats authentic function plus of Rollingers extension of it is very to find the techniques plus tools which allow investors to greater manage for the true dangers inherent inside asset-class plus approach return patterns.

Under the extended period of time, Rollingers research found which the beneficial effects initially diagnosed by Kat have persisted by the full run of both bear markets.

As the contribution to alternatives increases, all 4 moments of the return distribution benefit, Rollinger concludes. Mean return increases. Standard deviation reduces. Skewness increases. Kurtosis reduces.

Copies of Rollingers paper are accessible to investors plus advisers from Sunrise Capital Partners, info@sunrisecapital.com, (877) 456-8911, or within the companys webpage, http://www.sunrisecapital.com.

ABOUT SUNRISE Sunrise Capital Partners LLC manages systematic worldwide macro investment techniques for institutional plus individual investors. A leader inside systematic macro trading since1980, the fast brings an informed, long-term attitude, an adaptive plus evolutionary analysis platform plus sensitive, client-focused delivery to investors looking the number one solutions inside todays international financial markets. Sunrise holds among the greatest plus many successful trading records inside the alternative investment industry plus provides investors the liquidity, transparency, plus stringent regulatory plus company controls important to investing inside the post-2008 environment.

FOR MORE INFORMATION regarding Sunrise Capital Partners, please contact either Marty Ehrlich or Matt Waz at info@sunrisecapital.com, (877) 456-8911, or see http://www.sunrisecapital.com

Past performance results are not automatically indicative of future results. An investment with Sunrise is speculative, involves a significant risk of reduction, plus is not right for all investors. Anyone subscribing for an investment with Sunrise need to be capable to bear the dangers set forth inside Sunrises providing components.

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Why We Should Consider Trading Futures

Why We Should Consider Trading Futures

One of the smallest understood financial markets is the 1 for futures. That is within element a function of the truth which for years it was called “commodity futures”, that has definitely turned various would-be traders away, people whom don’t have any interest inside items like Pork Bellies plus Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice (to include a some within the favored Trading Places film). The other factor is the perceived complexity of the futures marketplace. The truth of the matter, though, is the fact that futures trading is extremely diverse plus less difficult to do because countless think.

Sure, for years futures trading focused found on the commodity markets. That’s a easy function of how they developed. Then, yet, the focal point has changed considerably. Yes, you can trade agricultural wise, stamina goods, plus metals. Today, though, there is much more action inside aspects like interest rates, currencies, stock indices, plus even stocks themselves.

What’s more, technological developments have created the futures marketplace more accessible to the individual trader. It is today potential for even lightly capitalized traders to work effectively inside the futures marketplace, anything difficult to do inside years gone by. That has opened up a entire range of unique chances for the individual to follow their trading objectives.

Consider this. Nowadays merely regarding anybody may trade items like Gold plus Crude Oil. These markets have produced massive runs inside latest years. One may moreover take positions inside the US Dollar at a time whenever it has shown persistent weakness, or inside US Interest Rates because they were gradually improved.

As for futures being complicated – not. Are they different than trading stocks? Sure. These are typically leveraged instruments. That signifies they present several extremely exciting solutions for traders whom utilize them inside the context of effectively developed risk administration tips (that all traders could have anyway, irrespective of market).

Futures costs move merely like those in almost any alternative marketplace. The same analytic techniques employed to trade stocks or forex or any additional marketplace is used to futures. Their costs are, in the end, based about those of the markets underlying them. That is why they are called derivative instruments – they derive their value from additional markets. Stock index futures track stock indices. Currency futures costs move with foreign exchange rates. Single stock futures follow the costs of the stocks they represent.

Naturally, this derivative nature does imply certain variations inside the actual trading of futures because opposed to the markets underlying them. The concepts concerned, though, are conveniently understood. It can be done for 1 with a simple learning of trading as well as the markets to grasp them instantly plus be running effectively inside the futures markets inside just a brief time period.

If you haven’t already completed thus – plus when you’ve read this far it’s a fair bet which we haven’t – take the time to consider the futures marketplace. They can well offer the chance to create great strides inside the profitability plus risk administration.

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Hoffman Asset Management Launches New Managed Futures Program to Overcome the “Small Account Conundrum”

Mechanicsburg, PA (PRWEB) September 10, 2010

High level managed futures investing has essentially been reserved for wealthy individuals and corporations with minimum accounts of $ 1,000,000 being standard in the industry. Through his firm, Hoffman Asset Management, award winning Commodity Trading Advisor Dean Hoffman is changing the playing field with the launch of a managed futures program for smaller investors in the $ 30,000 – $ 125,000 range. “Hoffman Asset Managed is dedicated to overcoming the challenges of the small account conundrum and serving smaller investors who want the benefits of a high level individual managed account,” says Hoffman.

One of the chief reasons cited for extraordinarily high minimums in a managed futures account is the need to simultaneously trade in multiple commodity markets for diversification. Large managed futures accounts can afford the high margins and exposure to multiple markets.

Hoffman is able to overcome those challenges with his new futures trading platform. For two consecutive years, the futures trading software Hoffman developed was named, “One of the top 10 futures trading platforms of all time,” by Futures Magazine. His new platform is a more powerful version, integrating many trading systems in one, and offering the capability to analyze and spot opportunities in over 70 futures markets every day, while adjusting risk levels along the way.

Because of the efficiency of his platform, Hoffman is able to offer a high level managed futures account to smaller investors.

The Growth in Managed Futures

Managed futures have risen significantly in popularity over the last 10 years as investors have sought an asset class that is uncorrelated to the stock market – offering protection from market volatility. According to Barclay’s Hedge, during 2008′s stock market meltdown, managed futures had one of their best years on record.

Hoffman sees managed futures again stealing the spotlight in the market in coming years. “2010 has just recently begun to see the raised volatility usually associated with trending markets,” says Hoffman.

For more details about Hoffman Asset Management’s program, investors can visit them on the web at http://www.HoffmanAssetManagement.com or call 717-732-1319

# # #

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T & K Futures and Options Says Get Ready For Major Food Inflation

Port St. Lucie, FL (PRWEB) January 26, 2011

The most recent WASDE and USDA supply and demand report showed lower supplies for corn, soybeans and wheat. This will bring the fuel versus food debate back as the use of corn for ethanol and soybean oil for biodiesel is pushing food costs higher. Couple this with the idea of less available usable acres for farming and higher fertilizer costs may lead to a global food inflation crisis.

The most recent WASDE and USDA report showed a corn production drop of 1.5 bushels per acre in yield. This decrease offsets the 2010 acreage increase by 183,000 bushels. The corn carryover dropped to 745 million bushels which is 87 million smaller than the December 2010 report. When the arithmetic is tabulated, corn has a 5.5% stocks-to-usage ratio which is the lowest since the 1995-96 season. This trend is likely to continue and corn futures prices may set new all time highs. Visit http://www.tkfutures.com/corn.htm to learn more about corn futures and options.

The report also showed U.S. wheat ending stocks for 2010/11 are projected 40 million bushels lower. The expected reduction in feed and residual use is more than offset by higher projected exports. The odd weather that caused record floods in Australia and droughts in Russia is also affecting wheat prices. Visit http://www.tkfutures.com/wheat.htm to learn more about wheat futures and options.

The report showed soybean production down 46 million bushels to 3.329 billion bushels. Lower yields and reduced harvest acreage are two of the causes of this reduction. The use of biodiesel is also using up much of the soy oil supplies which may push soybean futures prices to new all time highs soon. Visit http://www.tkfutures.com/soybeans.htm to learn more about soybean futures and options.

The author of this article is a 17 year veteran of the futures and options markets and the president of T & K Futures and Options, Inc. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Futures, options and foreign exchange products carry significant risk of loss.


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Vringo (VRNG) Stock: Buy Or Sell Or Scam Stock

www.guerillastocktrading.com Is Vringo (VRNG) a scam stock? A new article was released by Scott Matusow on Seeking Alpha today that reveals why some think VRNG could be the stock pick of the year. VRNG is a JB pick. Thats how I found out about it, and why Im passing it on to you. Folks, if you make some really good money on VRNG in the coming weeks and months, make sure to give JB some love by signing up to his service here: www.guerillastocktrading.com

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